Most guys just love to hit the great outdoors every now and then. If you count on this as a form of leisure to destress and to just reconnect with nature, just remember to gear up properly. If it’s overlanding we’re talking about, a regular trailer might not just cut it. Hence, TAXA Outdoors gives you the Woolly Bear Overland Edition.

One aspect adventure seekers often overlook is the topography of the area that leads to their camping spot. Even if you have a souped-up off-road behemoth, a trailer that’s poorly equipped is bound to end in disaster. Therefore, the manufacturer ensures that the Woolly Bear Overland Edition is as tough as you can get.

It measures 11’4” long, 5’4” wide, and stands 5’2” high. TAXA Outdoors understands what overlanding enthusiasts want, and designs their trailer to be one as durable and versatile as it can get. First up, it can easily handle rough terrain courtesy of 14.75” ground clearance, which is 2.75” more than other models in the lineup.

The Woolly Bear Overland Edition’s chassis features a Timbren axle-less suspension system. It rides on 16” steel wheels shod in Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac tires with electric brakes. An extended tongue provides additional storage on the front. A MOLLE panel here lets you attach more gear securely.

There are two battery boxes so you can power electronics and other devices. Depending on the buyer’s preference, TAXA Outdoors, offers various tent options that can even sleep up to three. It comes with a propane tank, bracket, and hose for the full-size kitchen. A pull-out cooler holds ingredients and beverages, with modular storage systems for more items. The Woolly Bear Overland Edition’s size can easily fit in a standard garage.

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Images courtesy of TAXA Outdoors