EV announcements are ramping up this year alongside surging awareness regarding climate change. Although experts will argue that the production process is still far from eco-friendly, the long-term benefits are attractive selling points. Aside from looks and performance, another feature that matters a lot is range. Hence, Tata Motors announces the Avinya and its remarkable charging technology.

The Indian carmaker is presenting an emission-free van that appears to be a direct competitor to Volkswagen’s ID. Buzz. What sets it apart is the innovative all-electric platform that easily surpasses anything that’s commercially available right now. The Avinya is also no slouch when it comes to looks, as the exterior boasts a sleek aerodynamic form.

An LED light strip forms the slim headlights that drop down near the center to resemble the Tata Motors emblem. Its taillights follow a similar style as well. Meanwhile, the outer edges curve upward to enclose what could be turn indicators. In some images, we can also see the faux grille is likewise illuminated.

The absence of B-pillars on each side facilitates smooth entry and egress. Moreover, this also means the rear passengers have access to suicide doors. The Avinya shows us a minimalist yet luxurious cabin with brown and cream upholstery. Tata Motors confirms the two front pilot seats can rotate.

A full-width soundbar sits on the dash while the steering wheel holds a compact digital display. The screen will likely double as the instrument panel and control pad for the Avinya’s other functions. According to Tata Motors, its future EVs will use the same platform albeit with different silhouettes. Specifications are not yet available, but the manufacturer claims a 30-minute charge can last up to 310 miles. Impressive indeed!

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Images courtesy of Tata Motors