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The Russians know how to build mud-ripping, military-inspired vehicles. A few months back we talked about the Tonka-toy-like SHERP – a funky ATV that turns like a tank, drifts on ice and can even go over water. Now it’s time we shine some light on a similar – albeit much smaller machine – with the same capabilities, dubbed the Tarus 2×2 Motorcycle ($1,100).

Designed for hunting, fishing, and other “active recreations,” this fast folding motorbike can be taken apart in minutes, so you can fit it in the trunk of your car. Thanks to its two-wheel drive system, super lightweight body (181 lb/82 kg), and 12-inch wide fat wheels that ensure traction & suspension, the bike can easily crawl through muddy, abrupt terrain, while front & rear utility racks provide space for carrying your gear. As for the engine, the company who builds it recommends a 7.5 hp Honda GX210, but they can also fit a chainsaw motor in there, if you’re looking to keep the weight even lower. See the Taurus 2×2 motorcycle in action, in the video below. [via]

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