Personal watercraft are just some of the awesome platforms that allow people to enjoy their time on open water. Aside from recreation, yacht owners can also use these to ferry passengers to and from their vessels. It may take a while compared to a tender, but it can get the job done anyway. Meanwhile, Tarform adds the Raye to its growing catalog.

Some of you might remember the startup for its work on the all-electric Luna. Now, it’s taking some of the retrofuturistic design elements from its zero-emission moto and applying them here. The sleek silhouette of the Raye evokes top-notch craftsmanship and speed. Clean lines from all angles and a metallic finish endow it with a premium appeal.

According to the product page, the outline draws inspiration from nature – particularly the manta ray. These gentle giants glide effortlessly underwater yet are surprisingly agile and powerful enough to jump out of the water. Therefore, we can look forward to outstanding performance via an electric waterjet propulsion system.

The manufacturer is targeting a top speed of approximately 50 mph. The Raye will ship in two trim packages. Expect a 70 horsepower output with an hour of runtime for the entry-level option, while the flagship version produces around 120 horsepower and lasts up to two hours on a single charge.

Tarform will be constructing the electric PWC out of carbon fiber and a proprietary plant-based composite. Currently, they are still fulfilling orders of the Luna. Thus, the Raye is still in the concept stages. Nevertheless, with the success of its two-wheeler, it won’t be long before this bad boy hits the market.

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Images courtesy of Tarform