Camping can be fun but not totally comfortable especially when it comes to the eating part. If you’re going all boy scout then you’d have to set up the fire and cook the food. When it comes to eating, then you’d have to rely on outdoor-designed utensils like those offered in the Tapirus Spork Tactical Set. 

But this is not your typical dining set that has a spork (spoon and fork in one) and knife. It even packs a fire starter. This is a multifunctional camping gear with an 8.8″ long handle spork that hides a serrated stainless steel knife to slice or cut through food.

Meanwhile, the Ferro Rod helps spark up a fire in a jiffy. It is also neatly stored inside the spork handle. The rod is 2-3/8″ long and 1/” in diameter and the good thing is that it is replaceable. Having a long handle means you can easily reach down into a can. Meanwhile, the 3″ long sturdy, and sharp blade lets you cut branches or scrape away pieces of wood to build a fire. 

The Tapirus Spork Tactical Set is made from BPA-free Polyamide 66 (PA66) while the knife is made with 3Cr13 stainless steel with titanium coating. This is a very tough and durable knife that boasts great corrosion resistance and edge retention. It sharpens easily and can hold abuse. As such, it’s the ideal blade to bring when camping or hunting. This set even comes with its drawstring polyester carrying pouch and the spork and fire starter each have paracord for tethering.

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Images courtesy of Tapirus