These days the elite are no longer trying to outdo one another through the size of their luxury vessels. Instead, the competition is now heating up another way. Any shipyard can build a massive yacht when the cost is not an issue, which is why clients are now after exclusive features they can rub in the faces of their rivals. Tankoa is ready to do just that with the Grey.

This sexy monohull is another extravagant entry classified under their sleek S501 and is described as “substantially different” from the others before it. In terms of size, the leisure ship measures 164 feet from tip to tail and is presented in a triple-deck configuration. The design is helmed by Francesco Paszkowski.

When it comes to people with deep pockets, nothing seems out of reach unless it affects the performance and safety of the vessel. Hence, you’ll be amazed at how crazy some examples we’ve featured in the past can be. However, Tankoa’s latest project christened the Grey by its owner is surprisingly somewhat grounded.

According to insiders, the superyacht boasts an exceptional visual and acoustic entertainment package. This involves a foredeck outfitted with a massive pop-up display which is positioned right in front of the swimming pool. To make it even more immersive, we have a premium sound system supplied by Naim and Focal. A lounge is likewise available for those who prefer to keep dry while watching.

Tankoa’s sales and marketing executive Giuseppe Mazza said, “Our usual flexibility in satisfying customer requests is evident in the customizations made onboard Grey—such as the installation of a swimming pool in the bow, and the fantastic never seen before cinema/sound system.” This S501 can cruise at a maximum speed of 18 knots.

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Images courtesy of Tankoa