After featuring two of Tamarit’s custom motorcycles, it was only a matter of time before another entry was hitting the stage. To our delight, 2023 brings us the Ongaku – a bespoke take on an iconic silhouette from Triumph. Just like the other before it, we can confidently say that it’s another mechanical masterpiece ready for enthusiasts to salivate over.

This is the Mallorca, Spain-based outfit’s 125th creation and it shows that they haven’t lost their touch. As with any of their exclusive designs, it all starts with a donor bike. The build calls on a Triumph Scrambler 900, which is already a remarkable machine on its own. However, Tamarit Motorcycles showcases how to elevate it into elegance on two wheels.

“The Japanese word, Ongaku, means music. And that is what this project means to us, music to the ears. After all the work done on this classic Scrambler, it is a real pleasure to see and hear it riding on the roads of Madrid,” reads the press material. What draws out its jaw-dropping beauty is the choice of colors and materials.

Its aesthetic elements begin with the chromatic combo of grayish blue, white, and glittering gold. We also have hints of brown from the custom saddle and the alluring glimmer of chrome, brass, and nickel on many parts of the Ongaku. Tamarit Motorcycles likewise reveals that the gold leaf that goes into this bike is meticulously done by hand.

True to its namesake, the Triumph Scrambler 900 now flaunts a custom exhaust, which produces a distinct acoustic profile. To maintain a classic vibe, the Ongaku sports a Motogadget Motoscope Tiny speedometer. Get in touch with Tamarit Motorcycles customize your own one-off ride.

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Images courtesy of Tamarit Motorcycles