For the longest time, it has been the dream of forward-thinkers to finally embrace personal flight. Up until now, strict regulations and prohibitive price points continue to make it difficult for the concept to become reality. However, these limitations cannot stop brilliant minds from their passion. We’ve seen inventors come up with ingenious ways to conquer the skies. Now, Fly Nano Limited delivers the FlyNano–a single-seat aircraft for those who are ready to take off in style. According to the Finnish company, the personal aircraft does not require a license to operate.

A closer look at the Fly Nano Limited’s aircraft showcases an eye-catching bright red paint job. It sports a lightweight construction thanks to the handmade carbon fiber components. The whole thing clocks in at around 150 pounds, which should make transport and storage a breeze. Its electric motor assembly produces around 32 kilowatts maximum. Don’t let its modest spec sheet fool you, this personal craft can carry a 220-pound operator and cruise at speeds up to 75 mph. The electric motor is a brushless model and is practically silent, which adds a cool layer of stealth.

The FlyNano measures 15 feet across its wingtips and 12 feet from nose to tail. The company reveals that it takes around 15 minutes for assembly and disassembly with two people. While everything about the one-man aircraft looks and sounds outstanding, there are some caveats as well. The lack of landing gears means that it needs to be on the water to fly and land. Moreover, the 15-minute flight time is another bothersome limitation. Nevertheless, the accessibility if offers is tempting as long as you can spare close to $100,000 for one.

Images courtesy of Fly Nano Limited

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