Owning and flying a personal prop driven airplane is not particularly uncommon but owning a personal jet has been just a dream for most weekend aviators. Cirrus Aircraft has developed the Vision ($2Million+), the first civilian single-engine jet to be given FAA Certification. This sleek, V-tail jet has a Williams International Model FJ33-5A Turbofan engine riding ‘piggyback’ on the rear fuselage. It gives about 1,800 lbs of thrust with a range of 1,380 miles and a top speed of 345 mph. With a takeoff requirement of just 2,000 feet, the Cirrus Vision Jet can utilize a vast number of smaller airports with ease.

Making flight routines a breeze is the proprietary Cirrus Perspective Touch by Garmin flight deck. This touchscreen control display makes navigation as simple as touch and click! The Vision Jet has a modular cabin design that can switch seating and configuration to change both passenger capacity and comfort with several options including reclining seats and smaller children’s seats. Jet speed is a definite status step-up among the personal pilots crossing the sky.