Mercedes-Benz’s electrification game plan involves the entire lineup and its roadmap appears to be on track. Even its sub-brand — Maybach — has already launched a luxury eSUV. The rest of its battery-powered models cater to the various needs of its clients, but it’s missing something special. At CES 2024, the EQG — by way of several prototypes — flaunted their capabilities at the Las Vegas strip.

The German marque definitely made a splash at Sin City when a fleet of all-electric G-Wagens executed a maneuver called the “G-Turn” to the delight of onlookers. This was only possible via the four electric motors assigned to each wheel, which can operate independently of one another. The result is a controlled 720-degree spin.

Before its official debut, longtime fans of the G-Wagen’s boxy silhouette wondered if a major cosmetic revamp would be due. It seems the manufacturer understands just how iconic the outline has become and left it intact on the EQG. The units on display flaunted a matte black paint job adorned with electric blue topography graphics.

We believe this visual element is appropriate given the exceptional overlanding capabilities the series is known for. Notable tweaks to the exterior include an enclosed grille with horizontal cutouts on each flank of the emblem. Meanwhile, the flared fenders and bumpers tout smoother curves.

Furthermore, a storage box for its charging cable replaces the spare wheel’s original location. According to Mercedes-Benz, the EQG is unlike the others under the EQ roster. Instead of an exclusive battery-electric architecture, the eSUV is built on a customized ladder-frame chassis. Powering this green off-road beast is a 108.4 kWh battery. 

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Images courtesy of Mercedes-Benz