TIPA (Total Internal Photonic Absorption) revolutionizes how we harness the power of the sun with an innovative 3D modular design rather than the conventional 2D flat panel. It’s a game-changer in scalable solar energy thanks to its adaptive power that works in any light and its hexagonal “house” shape that efficiently maximizes solar power absorption.

This portable device features a conical Fresnel lens roof that catches sunlight and focuses it inside the interior equipped with six vertical solar panels and a faceted reflector at the base. What it does is bounce the beam (the photos to be exact) trapped inside until it gets absorbed by each panel.

The design results in an impressive 300% more absorption capability which is three times more effective than traditional solar energy system. TIPA is a compact little powerhouse that measures 15.2″ wide and stands at 13″ making it ideal for travel, camping, tailgating, RV, or other outdoor adventures. Its modular design makes it easy to set up wherever and whenever and it’s also weatherproofed. 

Despite its compact size, it outputs 45Wp (watt-peak) and is plug-and-play ready. It comes with a 10W USB-A port and two 100W USB-C PD ports. If you want more power output, this device supports daisy chaining for an output of 90Wp from two devices and using a 225Wp MC4 connector get 225Wp from five. 

TIPA’s power is limitless it can even power a four-bedroom house 24/7 at 9kWp using an MC4 connector and a Smart MPPT Controller. Best of all, it’s backed with a 30-year warranty for long-term reliability and uses recyclable materials. It also has a solid £560,000 UK government grant and acknowledgement from global solar leaders.   

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Images courtesy of TIPA-Tech