Tokyo-born TAION is renowned for its outerwear and you can see why from this pullover that offers on-demand warmth. This Military Pullover Quilted Puffer Shirt is a cross between a sweater and a jacket. It comes packed with down insulation perfect for the cold weather. 

This sweater-jacket hybrid boasts a unique design with a highly versatile mid-layer making it ideal to wear as part of a layering system. It boasts 95% 800-fill down insulation and 5% from mature waterfowl feathers, to give you toasty warmth and comfort and a durable shell made with high-density nylon. This jacket uses polyester for both the outer and lining.

TAION’s Military Pullover Quilted Puffer Shirt takes cues from military layering systems with its design. Here you will find a ribbed crewneck construction ideal for layering with other garments for a cozy finish. Simply slide it over your neck on top of a T-shirt or under burlier layers so you can dial in your desired warmth during chilly temperatures. 

Moreover, this cold-weather wear comes with two large side-entry flap pockets at the waist to secure your essentials while on the go. They also serve as hand warmers to keep those digits in working condition. It also has a pocket on the chest for added storage.

TAION’s Military Pullover Quilted Puffer Shirt also features ribbed cuffs for a secure fit. Meanwhile, the zippers on the side provide more room for mobility at the hip and for a more relaxed fit. Although, you can easily keep them close using the added pull tabs. 

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Images courtesy of Huckberry