The technology to make all-electric yachts and other larger vessels a reality is still beyond our grasp for now. However, zero-emission versions of smaller machines like personal watercraft are more or less doable. Taiga Motors might just be the first to make one commercially available. This is the Orca and it’s now shipping out to owners.

This emission-free PWC’s release tells us that a greener future is possible. As long as there are those who develop the technology and customers who support them with their purchases, we can soon see more innovative platforms like the Orca hit the waters.

Taiga Motors is already in the business of building fully electric snowmobiles. Hence, the transition from snow to water should be a piece of cake for the team. The company says that the Orca provides “exhilaration unlike any other.” The sleek outline tells us it boasts a performance to match.

The Orca is packing an electric powertrain that can output 160 horsepower with a range of 27 miles. It features a carbon fiber composite hull and can seat up to two. Dimensions are 3.54 feet x 3.31 feet x 3.79 feet (L x W x H). It also weighs around 738.5 lbs.

Your electric PWC also comes with multiple storage compartments for your gear and other items. A 7-inch HD display shows telemetry data with button controls on each side just beside the handlebars. It runs on Taiga Motors’ proprietary Taiga OS with wireless connectivity for compatible devices.

The get the most out of the 24 kWh battery, choose the appropriate performance mode. There are three: Range, Sports, and Wild. The Orca can fully recharge in about 3.5 hours with level 2 charging. So far, Taiga Motors has something fun on its hands.

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Images courtesy of Taiga Motors