You never know when you might need to use a Sharpie — be it at work in the office or in one of your outdoor adventures. If the need arises when you are out in the field, well then, a regular plastic Sharpie just wouldn’t suffice since it could easily break. That’s why you need the Tactical Marker 2, an EDC pen meant for the outdoors.

It can take a beating but remains sturdy and functional. Made from premium alloy, it is virtually indestructible even when it’s run over by a car. Portability-wise, its twist-cap features a generous clip that allows you to hang your pen in carabiners, or clip to your pocket or bag carry.

Meanwhile, a stainless steel screw secures the clip to the cover and durable O-rings on the cap prevents the ink from drying out. It also allows you to put the cap to the back of the pen when writing.

This tactical pen features a gnarled grip for a secure hold. It proves useful for when your hands are muddy, slippery, or when you have gloves on.

As for its size, the Tactical Marker 2 measures nearly six inches. Its weight varies depending on its material. It comes in galactic grade aluminum (1.6 ounces), brass (4.2 ounces), and copper (4.2 ounces). Titanium is also available for a limited quantity. Its diameter, at .620 inches, is enough to secure your Sharpie inside.

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Photos Courtesy Of Bobby Davis