As hybrid and all-electric vehicles are gradually becoming mainstream, aftermarket tuners are adapting to the changing landscape. Most are no longer limiting their services to traditional rides, which will further push for eco-friendly ubiquity in the future. The Model S remains a crowd-pleaser at the moment which, is why T Sportline releases a steering wheel replacement.

Like it or not, many Tesla drivers are at odds with the factory-installed unit. Pressed if a traditional round form factor will see release in the future, Elon Musk replied with a blunt “no.” Most Model S owners have no qualms about the sportier yoke their EVs come with.

Nevertheless, T Sportline is happy to supply those who do not like what ships with their units. There are two variants you can order: upholstered or carbon fiber. The replacement steering wheels may not be exactly circular, but the shape seems close enough.

Moreover, it retains the sporty aesthetic Tesla wants in the first place. For the folks who want the version with upholstery, T Sportline offers it in black by default for $2,299. For $200 more, you can choose to have it in custom fabrics or leather. Meanwhile, for $3,499, the composite is available in a matte or glossy finish.

Others have called into question its overall safety on the road. Some have even contacted the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to weigh in on the matter. According to the agency, Musk’s controversial switch does not violate any regulations. Hence, Tesla does not need to replace it with a 360 steering wheel. Thankfully, T Sportline lets you do so.

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Images courtesy of T Sportline