The T-Shirt TV turns ordinary plain T-shirt into an extraordinary one with the addition of a slim and lightweight 10-inch HD screen and speakers seamlessly integrated into comfortable premium fabric. This shirt lets you display anything you want to show, be that art, memes, or videos by uploading them to its companion device.  

Dubbed “the world’s first wearable digital billboard for self-expression,” this shirt is more than just a canvas of digital expression. It also revolutionizes the advertising process with its easy-to-use interface and water-resistant design. 

This T-shirt perked interest in the business and entertainment and even caught the attention of some of Hollywood’s famous companies including Def Jam Records, CNNSpriteNBC, and Fox TV. They saw the impact it made in disseminating information in a trendy and stylish way. But never has it been made available to the public until today.

The T-Shirt TV comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts an impressive two to four hours. You can extend the battery life with a replaceable 5V power bank. The screen and speakers are removable so you can wash and dry the t-shirt, which aside from being extremely lightweight also does not get hot. 

Moreover, this shirt does not have any restrictions with the digital format uploaded. It can show GIF, JPEG, AVI, MOV, WMV, MVK and even MP4 files. The files you upload will display in a continues loop and you can even upload a still image if you want to include a pause effect in a video. The T-Shirt TV arrives in black but with options for other colors in the future.

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Images courtesy of T-Shirt TV