Have any of you guys noticed that most of the bad guys in movies usually have lavish superyachts? We’re not saying anybody who owns one is of questionable character, but it does make you wonder. Perhaps inspired by the 007 franchise, Gill Schmid Design shares a concept dubbed the Synesthesia, which is brimming with clandestine features a fan would kill for.

Starting with the length overall, we’re looking at a sleek 213-foot steel monohull ready for grand adventures out at sea. This magnificent vessel is engineered to entertain and leave a lasting impression on anyone lucky enough to step aboard. As for the superstructure, the Synesthesia shifts to carbon fiber.

The lightweight yet robust composite allows owners to go crazy with the interior. According to Gill Schmid Design, columns are entirely optional, which frees up even more space to fully customize. Meanwhile, the standard setup features rooms separated only by sliding doors and retractable windows.

If the owner wishes, an open-plan configuration is possible to create a free-flowing environment. As for the stealthy stuff, the Synesthesia comes with motorized sections such as on the helipad, terraces, and more. The upper deck is surrounded by glazing and houses the main lounge.

Sliding doors lead to an al-fresco dining area with glass floors that offer a view of the pool below. Meanwhile, the sun deck provides panoramic views and is replete with lounge chairs, more dining/drinking spaces, and a jacuzzi. The Synesthesia comes with a full-beam suite and six guest cabins.

There is also enough accommodation for up to 17 crew members to man the ship and service everybody else on board the Synesthesia. According to the design studio, “we are looking at an owner who likes the James Bond lifestyle, always seeking adventures at the highest level of comfort and luxury.”

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Images courtesy of Gill Schmid Design