Induction cooktops have overtaken gas stoves in popularity due to their relative safety. These are now the staple kitchen equipment installed in motorhomes as many deem them less likely to break out in flames than traditional cooking methods. Just when we thought there was little left to innovate, the Braun BraSY10 concept quickly proved us wrong with its unique features.

Given our regular exposure to all things tech these days, it can be easy to neglect something simple. However, a second look reveals it has the potential to become a game-changing system others will want to adapt. Jenil Shah managed to account for stuff that would make our cooking experience hassle-free and enjoyable at the same time.

Firstly, the Braun SY10 is exactly what is advertised — an induction cooktop. It handles this function without any issues and but introduces some quirky gimmicks to turn it into a “smart” platform. For example, what we though was the battery pack is apparently an integrated air filter. It seamlessly blends with the form factor but a vent is visible if you look closely.

Carbon filters line the enclosure as the powerful fan draws in smoke and aromas that would otherwise disperse inside an RV or camper. Furthermore, the cyclindrical assembly is connected via a hinge and can rotate vertically to accomodate larger cookware. 

Now, what is perhaps its coolest function is dubbed the Infinity Dial. Similar to Microsoft’s Surface Dial, it wirelessly paired to the Braun SY10 and provides users with tactile control over their induction cooktop. Rotate the knob to toggle and squeeze to activate.

It purportedly has haptic feedback and a built-in display to show all kinds of information. This detachable module also packs a digital camera to scan ingredients and analyze if its fresh or spoiled. This mean the Braun SY10 relies on artifical intelligence for this to work as advertised.

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Images courtesy of Jenil Shah