Do you love pumping iron and you’re proud of it? What you rockin’ on your wrist right now? If it’s not a SWOLE O’Clock Watch ($170), you better up your game and get one, son! Ronnie Coleman (Mr. Olympia 8 times winner) and the giant from Game of Thrones wear this watch, and we know these guys mean business! I guess SWOLE O’Clock thought I meant business too, when they decided to send me two of their watches to review.

First thing to notice about the HEAVY DUTY machines is their massive size & heaviness; the case measures 2.25 inches (5.7 cm) in diameter, is 0.62 inch (1.6 cm) thick, and weighs in at a hefty 7 oz (200 gr) – like two Casio G-SHOCKs put togeder. If you have a slim wrist like I do, forget about it, you’ll look ridiculous wearing one, so go read something else. If you’re a big guy tough, you’ll probably dig these watches. Here’s what you need to know …

Caring names like Zeus, Hercules, Thor, Vulcan, or Zeus, everything about the tough timepieces screams brute force – from the bulky design to the solid materials, including a 304 stainless steel shell & back plate, industrial strength paint coating, high quality German glass, a solid silicone band, huge screws & buttons, and a cool latch protecting the screw-down crown. Technical features include a “next-generation precision Japanese movement,” water & shock resistance, digits display with back light, luminous hands, chronograph with 1/100th second lap operation, 5-minute snooze alarm & hourly chime, stopwatch mode, display of hour, minute, second, month, date & weekday. That covers pretty much any active man’s needs, both in the gym and out. Bottom line, if you want a fair-priced watch that can take serious abuse, SWOLE O’Clock is undoubtedly a great option.

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