No matter what some tech pundits believe, standalone digital cameras are still as popular as ever. Interestingly, some flagship smartphones pack sensors that can replace traditional shooters. Nonetheless, professional and novice shutterbugs still prefer the fee and performance of the latter. These units often come with a strap, but the SWIFT-LOCK might convince you to switch.

Currently in the crowdfunding phase, SPINN.DESIGN developed “a universal camera carrying system for any DSLR or mirrorless camera.” Unlike smaller point-and-shoot models, these are significantly larger and require a holster or harness of some kind to properly carry around. This is where the SWIFT-LOCK comes into play!

Generally, photographers store their pricey gadgets inside hardshell cases or sturdy bags with cushioned interiors. However, given how inspiration or a once-in-a-lifetime shot can hit at any given moment, your camera should be ready to shoot in an instant. Hence, most rely on straps and with the lens cap usually on a lanyard.

DSLRs and mirrorless cameras typically feature integrated eyelets or lugs where the strap or lanyard threads through. Unfortunately, these are often oddly positioned which leaves your camera dangling in an awkward angle. Furthermore, it can eventually feel uncomfortable when the edges hit your body. The SWIFT-LOCK connects via the tripod thread at the bottom.

With the plate firmly screwed in, it then uses a magnetic closure system to quickly and securely snap into place on the mounting bracket. Transfer the straps and now the camera rests comfortably across your body. The location of the fixtures leave all the ports, buttons, and controls accessible.

“Reaching for your camera is now more intuitive and faster than ever. When you´re done, slide the camera around to your back, and you´re free to do anything you want without the camera bothering you or hitting anything – even climbing or biking is easy with SWIFT-LOCK,” reads the press release. This project is now fully backed with 13 days left as of this writing.

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Images courtesy of SPINN.DESIGN