We’ve always strived to bring you the latest updates when it comes to luxury vessels, but there are even more to consider when it comes to recreational activities on the water. Sure, a superyacht always makes a grand impression wherever it goes, yet let’s not forget the fun offered by smaller watercraft. Take for example the Scupper 16 Kayak!

Whether you’re out exploring shallow waterways or maybe some fishing, you’ll need a trustworthy platform that can get the job done. Kayaks have been the go-to option for enthusiasts and for a good reason. They’re lightweight and compact, which makes them easier to transport than your average boat.

Swell Watercraft has been in the business since 2016 and is now ready to offer its largest model yet. Their previous outings brought about a 12 and 14-footer, but it’s time for a 16-foot kayak to enter the scene. The true star of the show here is the company’s Scupper Valve system.

As indicated by the manufacturer, it “allows for the lowering of the footwells by 3.5″ for the first time in a sit-on-top kayak.” With this in place, the Scupper 16 Kayak and its predecessors boast superior ergonomics, improved stability, and a slimmer profile to improve the hull’s hydrodynamics.

It’s constructed out of Poly2 plastic to make it lighter, more buoyant, and more robust than competing models in the same range. Each Scupper 16 Kayak features aluminum grab handles, a huge bow hatch for gear storage, a SeaLect Designs TruCourse Rudder System with foot pedal controls, and a mounting system for various devices.

Meanwhile, anglers will find the flush-mounted rod holders useful when they need their hands free for other tasks. Paddle holders are likewise available on each side of the Scupper 16 Kayak. Swell Watercraft backs its product with a five-year warranty. As of this writing, there are four colorways to choose from: Safety Orange, Blue Steel, Chartreuse, and Desert Tan.

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Images courtesy of Swell Watercraft