The SweatTent is a pop-up sauna that you can easily set up in your backyard or take with you on your outdoor adventures. It sets up fast in just three minutes and is also easy to take down. 

This portable sauna can handle the outdoors with its robust construction. It’s made with two layers of durable and weather-proof non-toxic Oxford 210D fabric. Then it has a lightweight yet powerful layer of insulation in between and it doesn’t release chemicals when heated. The insulation helps to seal the heat in even in cold climates.  

Most importantly, the SweatTent is fire-proof. It has to resist fire especially since it offers the traditional, wood-burning sauna experience. This means it comes with a bench, heater, sauna rocks and holder, and even a thermometer to check on the tent’s interior temperature. There is also a bucket and a ladle for the water that you use on the rocks for steam to come out. 

It uses a stainless steel stove that produces the highest heat output possible at (200°F+/ 93°C) in less than 30 minutes. So you can start sweating and release those toxins from your body in no time. Moreover, you can share the experience with friends and family as it’s not a single-user sauna. 

The SweatTent can fit up to three people. It also packs down small and light at 27.22 kg so it easily fits in your trunk. It utilizes a “QuickPop” design that makes it easy to set up alone or with a partner. This pop-up sauna has a built-in spark arrestor that prevents the emission of flammable debris from the wood. It also has a steel-plated chimney vent that protects the tent from burning. Meanwhile, a tent skirt along both the inside and outside prevents the tent from blowing over the wind and stops a cold draft from coming out at the bottom. 

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Images courtesy of SweatTent