The Svartviksvägen House, a shoebox bungalow stilted on a mountaintop, offers fantastic views of the Sörmlands archipelago with its huge picture windows, plus cozy living spaces decked in minimalist flair, though never austere-looking.

The whole house is an architectural marvel, suspended and hovering over the cliffside via metal stilts. The exterior shows a fine blend of sophistication and ruggedness: The glass panes evoke sleekness, which then becomes a highlight in contrast with the more unpolished presentation of the rest of the structure.

Another reason why this is a marvel of architecture is the fact that no blasting was done during its development. The designers and engineers worked hard to interpolate this home into nature while creating as little impact as possible on the surroundings.

The interior is as brilliantly designed as the exterior, with the predominantly white walls and pale wood floors matching the fine balance of modern and old-fashioned elements evoked outside. The open living area is constantly bathed in light thanks to the wrap-around windows, and offers up panoramic views of the surrounding treetops and shore below. The living room spills out into a cantilevered deck/balcony that’s shaded by an oversized roof, perfect for staring at sunsets in the summertime.

Now, on to the specifics. The Svartviksvägen House features 2,137 square meters of land area — natural plot, the listing notes. It has five bedrooms in total, three of which are bedrooms, and the house is categorized as a single-family home. You can check out the whole floor plan at Fastighetsbyrån.

Svartviksvägen House

Photos courtesy of Fastighetsbyrån