Meet Officine GP Design’s latest handiwork: The Suzuki VanVan 200 “Wave,” with an unusual array of design choices that oddly still work despite being a tad bit outre. Who would’ve thought wood accents could meld beautifully with a badass bike? Officine GP Design did, and they’re absolutely right.

You’ll find these accents all over — from the headlight to behind the seat to the tank. They’re supposed to evince a “surfboard” feel to the motorcycle, or better yet — summer. One look at the bike confirms such sentiments, although we have to give Officine GP Design a huge merit for not making it too on-the-nose. The summer theme is still very subtle and understated, making it interesting to look at and not jarring.

To be sure, even without these surf elements, the bike would probably still look pretty rad. However, adding them all in undeniably added to the scrambler’s overall charm. It still looks like your regular custom job fair, that’s a given. But decked with enough design aberrations that really set it apart from the crowd.

Other notable elements include the mostly gray paint job, the modern LED lighting, the black trombone exhaust, and that jaw-dropping aged leather seat. That seat is a highlight unto itself, on a bike that’s already full of highlights. Thanks to the Suzuki VanVan 200, you can ride around town dripping with flair, and even though winter is in the offing, this bike will remind us that summer is not too far away.