Known for its powerful superbikes such as the Hayabusa and Katana, many often forget that Suzuki also manufactures automobiles, ATVs, and more. Perhaps as an exciting reminder, the renowned Japanese brand unveils the Misano concept. This open-top automobile draws inspiration from its two-wheelers with a splash of Italian design behind its sporty silhouette.

The two-tone exterior gives it a classy profile with a sleek aerodynamic form built for speed. Still, what makes the Misano concept unique is the seating arrangement. This barchetta measures 157 inches long, 69 inches wide, and 39 inches high. Technically, there is enough room for a side-by-side configuration.

Instead, Suzuki is going for a tandem position just like the way two people ride on a bike. As you can see, the two seats are located on the left section of the roadster. We also learned that this car drops the traditional steering wheel. In its place is a yoke just like on a motorcycle.

You might have noticed that on the rear – just below the Suzuki badge – are the letters “IED.” These stand for Istituto Europeo di Design Torino. In fact, the Misano concept is the thesis project of 24 students hailing from countries such as Spain, Italy, Turkey, India, France, Belgium, and Lebanon.

Pirelli is one of the sponsors for this exciting collaboration with Suzuki in an attempt to combine the experiences of driving on two into a four-wheel platform. As such, this explains why the designers are going for a tandem seating setup. No official word on the powertrain, but sources claim the Misano concept is an all-electric machine.

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Images courtesy of Suzuki