Some of you are probably itching for a long ride. Until now, certain restrictions are still at play that could dampen the experience. Nevertheless, let’s approach things with a positive attitude. Until that time comes, the best we can do right now is prepare. For those in the market for an upgrade, Suzuki is already teasing us with the 2022 Hayabusa.

The Hayabusa – which means Peregrine falcon in Japanese — is the embodiment of speed. Thus, its only natural for Suzuki to keep the bike’s capabilities as close to its namesake. When hunting, this bird of prey can dive at speeds of up to 242 mph. Given the factors at play here, this machine is engineered to impress.

Meanwhile, if not for the electronically-controlled limitation required by regulation, the 2022 Hayabusa will gladly match those numbers. Nevertheless, nobody would be crazy enough to do 186 mph on a public road unless they have a death wish.

The 2022 Hayabusa has all the hallmarks that make this lineup so popular. You have the sharp aerodynamic body and a robust frame that holds a powerful 1,340 cc inline-four engine. At 188 horsepower with 111 ft-lb of torque, it is notably lower than what the outgoing version can muster.

Nonetheless, Suzuki’s engineers are making up for it by improving its acceleration. What was once a 0-60 mph run in 3.4 seconds has been shaved down to 3.2 seconds. For this reason, a lot of fans will likely want this over its predecessor. However, there are some who might find it disappointing. With a suite of upgrades for both safety and performance, the 2022 Hayabusa is one exceptional superbike.

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Images courtesy of Suzuki