When you need a reliable wearable for even the most challenging outdoor adventures, Suunto is a brand would talk about. For its newest release – the Core Alpha Stealth – it’s crafted with specific types of users in mind. According to the manufacturer, what sets it apart is how users can remain inconspicuous when the lights go out.

Aside from the military, we can think of law enforcement, hunters, and documentary filmmakers as those who will benefit from its discrete functionality. As the name already implies, the key feature here is superior visibility even in the absence of a light source.

This comes from the red backlight that illuminates the 2-inch dot matrix display. Even with a pair of night-vision goggles on, the Core Alpha Stealth will remain readable minus the blinding glare from other models. This is handy during tactical operations, hunting at night, and capturing skittish nocturnal wildlife on film.

Suunto says each watch undergoes a rigorous testing phase and meets demanding military standards. The 49.5-mm composite case is paired with an aluminum bezel and mineral crystal for lightweight durability. Despite the chunky outline, it only weighs 2.36 ounces.

Even with regular use, its user-replaceable CR2032 battery cell should last up to 12 months. A barometer, compass, and altimeter provide all the data you need when the situation calls for it. Moister is never an issue here as the Core Alpha Stealth boasts ingress protection up to 100 feet.

What makes this so appealing for us is the blackout colorway which lives to the monicker. To complete the tactical vibe, Suunto pairs the Core Alpha Stealth with a black NATO strap. It may look like one but take note that this is not a smartwatch.

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Images courtesy of Suunto