A lot of conventional smartwatches feature sensors that track various activities, read biometric info, and receive notifications from the connected smartphone. In order to maximize battery performance, the majority of wearables rely on the paired handset’s GPS to determine the user’s location. We’ve recently seen some models from Garmin and Casio that integrated advanced tracking systems. Meanwhile, the Suunto 9 enters the fray and redefines the multisport watch category with its impressive longevity.

Unlike other fitness-tracking wearables, the 9 ditches the metal for a polyamide case that’s both durable and lightweight. This rugged and handsome device measures 50mm and clocks in at 81 grams. Given the weight, it’s not too cumbersome to wear for longer periods of time. The bezel is stainless steel and pairs nicely with the sapphire lens to protect the digital dial.

Even though the 320 x 300 touchscreen looks stunning, we found a small notch on the 6 o’clock area that ruins the design. Nevertheless, this is easily negligible thanks to its array of tracking features. This allows you to get a detailed overview of how well you tackled your specified workout. The Suunto 9 is designed for endurance and its battery can last for almost a week depending on the mode you’ve selected.

Suunto 9

Photos courtesy of Suunto