If you ever find yourself in an extreme situation and with no time to pack survival gear (e.g., a furious bear or ex-girlfriend with knife chasing you through the forest), you better make sure your shoes are secured with these Survival Laces ($8.50).

Ready to replace your existing dull laces, this is serious equipment that can be added to footwear and hoodies, granting them superpowers. The ingenious laces are made with military standard 550 paracord, containing 7 strands of nylon (useful for building a shelter, fixing gear, building a trap, bandaging wounds,etc) and one strand of fish-line in the middle (useful for …well, catching fish).

Removing the metal aglet on the end gives you access to more goodies: a waterproof and extremely flammable 4 inch string of tinder, and a 1 inch ferrocerium rod, so you can start a fire in no time. Available in various colors and sizes (48″- 84″), the Survival Laces are hand-crafted in the USA through local manufacturers. Details in the video

Survival Laces 3

Survival Laces 5

Survival Laces 1

Survival Laces 2