Seriously, if you are a fan of getting back to nature and survivalism, you will want to read this post quickly and buy the item right away. We are not joking around and this is certainly not a drill.

Where to start? How about that matte-black finished buckle that houses a stainless steel knife with titanium coating, aa powerful LED flashlight, a fire starter and a bottle opener. You won’t be lacking for much with this beauty.

How about the strap? Made from a webbing core that has a robust protective shielding of TPU alloy for a leather-free and FDA approved with regards to sensitive skin requirements.

From SlideBelts by Brig Taylor comes the awesome Survival Belt 2.0. Imagine in your head Batman’s utility belt, now remove all that tight lycra, spandex or whatever he wears. No, don’t imagine a naked Bruce Wayne, that is wrong on so many levels. Focus and imagine having the handiest, most versatile survival belt on the planet and you are pretty close to what the Survival Belt 2.0 is.

So, it might not have a couple of batarangs or even a bat hook, but it will help you face up to the many challenges of being out in the great outdoors.

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