It looks like Toyota’s unveiling of the Land Cruiser Se concept was met with mixed reactions. While many praised its rakish exterior, emission-free powertrain, and luxury focus, overlanding enthusiasts felt it did not embody what the series stood for. After we checked elsewhere, another concept dubbed the FJ Bruiser made waves due to its unique configuration.

Over the years, the manufacturer has gradually marketed the Land Cruiser as a premium SUV. Although it retains the signature off-road capabilities, its appeal as a rugged machine for rough rides has gradually faded. It could be due to the contemporary styling and marketing as a high-class urban platform instead of an outdoor-ready behemoth.

Thankfully, concepts like the FJ Bruiser deliver familiar aesthetics and exaggerated upgrades to improve its performance out in the wild. Running in parallel with this year’s Japan Mobility Show is SEMA where carmakers and aftermarket parts suppliers get to present their latest add-ons and projects. It’s an expo owners of 4x4s should never miss.

Reports tell us the donor vehicle is a 1966 FJ45 pickup truck. It received a boatload of upgrades such as a tubular chassis, roll cage, a flashy coat of turquoise, and a new name. The flared fenders of the FJ Bruiser appear to be only for show as rides on massive 20” Method Beadlock wheels shod in 42” BFGoodrich Krawler T/A KX tires.

Toyota understands cosmetics can only get you so far, which is why this beast is powered by a 5.8-liter V8. The output is rated at 725 horsepower which is directed to all four wheels via a three-speed Rancho Drivetrain Engineering gearbox. The FJ Bruiser signals its arrival via a MagnaFlow exhaust.

Meanwhile, the interior is outfitted with Daytona Evo seats upholstered in plaid and a Jackie Stewart steering wheel. Unfortunately, the FJ Bruiser will remain a concept only as Toyota has no plans for mass production. With the right parts and donor vehicle, we’re willing to bet somebody can build one from scratch anyway.

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Images courtesy of Toyota