What many thought was just a fad at the height of the pandemic remains as popular as ever. It seems people can’t get enough of cycling and it has turned into an ideal form of recreation, commute, and sport globally. Hence, it has also caught the attention of prestigious automotive marques, which has led to the creation of the J.Laverack Aston Martin .1R.

This exquisite two-wheeler is what you get when two prestigious companies join forces to build something special. In line with the luxurious craftsmanship both brands bring to the table, each example is painstakingly assembled according to the user’s specifications, which likewise includes a visit to Aston Martin’s headquarters for a personal fitting session.

As of this writing, the parties involved have not divulged how many units will be allocated for this thrilling collaboration. However, interested parties should jump on this opportunity as soon as they can before the books are closed for the J.Laverack Aston Martin .1R. With the slogan, “The world’s most bespoke, most advanced and most meticulously engineered road bike,” all slots should soon be spoken for.

It flaunts a hand-built frame which combines carbon fiber tubes with titanium lugs via manufacturing processes applied to Formula One race cars. Cutting-edge 3D printing methods allow for exceptional precision while its cosmetic appeal is enhanced by herringbone patterns on the composite elements akin to that of the Aston Martin Valkyrie.

Its motoring underpinnings are further established by 40-micron-thick stainless-steel graphics similar to the badge on the aforementioned hypercar. Meanwhile, the integrated brake calipers are machined out of heavy-duty aluminum and outfitted with four titanium pistons. A part of the fitting appointment is the made-to-measure carbon fiber handlebars which are affixed to the frame sans any bolts.

Even the cables are discreetly threaded through the chassis to ensure the J.Laverack Aston Martin .1R exudes pristine aerodynamic beauty on two wheels. Even the rest of the components can be customized to suit the preferences of the rider. 

“The J. Laverack Aston Martin .1R is essentially a titanium hypercar on two wheels, elevating bespoke bike design to unprecedented heights and re-writing the rule book of their development and customization. The simple, clever genius is how we’ve fused the engineering advancements throughout the bike with a purity of performance design, delivering a viscerally exhilarating riding experience,” stated Aston Martin Chief Creative Officer Marek Reichman.

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Images courtesy of Aston Martin/J.Laverack