Pocketknives are essential outdoorsman gear. They always come in handy as survival or utility tool. When it comes to this small yet terrible EDC, Victorinox never fails to impress with its collection of durable and powerful pocketknives. They even partnered with lifestyle brand Supreme for its Spring-Summer 2019 collection to up the ante and add a trendy look to a classic design: the Alox Knife to give consumers the Supreme x Victorinox Classic Alox Knife. 

This compact multifunctional tool boasts a sleek and lightweight design but comes packed with great tools both for indoor and outdoor use. It has five tools you can work with especially with small, quick fixes. These include scissors, a nail file, and a 2.5mm screwdriver.  Of course, this Swiss Army knife would not be complete without its small but sharp metal blade.

The  Supreme x Victorinox Classic Alox Knife also comes with a key ring and a paracord for easy carry. Speaking of portability, this EDC is compact and lightweight. It is only 2.3 inches long and 0.2 inches wide at a weight of 0.6 ounces. You’d barely feel it in your pocket you might forget you even have it with you. 

The addition to this classic silhouette would be the iconic “Supreme” logo embossed on the frame’s high-grade Alox scales. Then there’s the paracord with color that matches the pocketknife. This collaboration comes in either red or black colorway.

The Supreme x Victorinox Classic Alox Knife feels light and comfortable in the hands. The Alox scales add a good grip so you can work safely with ease. 

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Images courtesy of Victorinox