For anyone looking to settle down in a serene European spot with stunning sea views, the beautiful Villa Kyma in Greece represents an impossible to ignore option. While it would make for a wonderful minimalist private home, the residence was actually designed as a luxurious vacation home which can accommodate up to 10 guests at a time.

It is located in Glyfada, a suburb of Athens, Greece, and it is one of the few properties in the area to feature a private beach, as well as a private pathway all the way to the shore. The five-star luxury villa has four gorgeous bedrooms, five bathrooms, one fully-equipped kitchen, a nice dining room, and two living rooms with stunning panoramic views of the water. Three of the bedrooms also enjoy panoramic sea views.

Superb Villa Kyma in Glyfada, GreeceInfinity Pool, Villa Kyma in Greece Five-star Luxury Villa Kyma in Greece

The architecture is tastefully minimalistic, with just enough texture and volume variation to help it avoid dullness and enhance its visual appeal. The interiors were generously appointed with high-end furnishings, luxe amenities, and expensive finishes.

Even though the sea is just a stone throw’s away, guests don’t have to walk all the way to the coastline to fully experience the outside world. A series of terraces and other ingeniously arranged outdoor areas represent a variety of ways to enjoy the sun, the air, and the relaxing sounds of nature.

The home comes with perfectly-kept lawns, a blue infinity pool, an outdoor dining area, and – our personal favorite – an intimate outside spot with only two lounges set among the rocks and facing the sea. The $1.9 million price tag is completely justified, if you ask us.

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