Transforming gorgeous supercars into something even more spectacular is not as easy a task as one might assume. The risk of falling into the trap of overdoing the makeover is very real, and there is always just a fine line between spectacular and gaudy. This Mercedes-AMG GT by Brabus, though, ticks all the right boxes.

Superb Brabus Mercedes-AMG GTBrabus Mercedes-AMG GT Side View

Called Brabus GT (a tastefully understated name), the car is 97 hp more powerful than the stock version, flaunting a new total output of 600 hp. That extra oomph in muscle is complemented by a few subtle and very well placed exterior modifications.

The body kit is made entirely out of carbon fiber, but there is nothing about it that is too opulent. Also, the new multi-spoke alloy wheels fit nicely into the design, without grabbing all the attention. For the interior, Brabus went with a black leather and Alcantara wrap, adding a few carbon and wood details for good measure.

Superb Brabus Mercedes-AMG GT Engine Brabus Mercedes-AMG GT Interior Brabus Mercedes-AMG GT Carbon Fiber