With its innovative hull form, propulsion system and stability control the Super Sports SS18 Glider ($TBA) can adjust itself to the sea conditions, offering a soft, fast ride over the waves. The fact that it’s engineered & built in the same way as the latest private jets and F1 cars means the sci-fi looking yacht should do what it says.

Made by Burgess Marine in the uk, the 59-foot, fully-customizable SS18 speedboat is the brainchild of former-captain Rob McCall, and it packs a 1080 hp motor that gives a top speed of 56 knots. The open cockpit offers space for 4 guests plus pilot, in a bespoke, luxurious fashion where alcantara seats blend with custom Corbeau leather and chrome edging, while the helm features embedded navigational and control displays from Garmin, reinforcing the vessel’s uncluttered, futuristic appearance. Details in the video

Super Sports SS18 Glider 5

Super Sports SS18 Glider 6

Super Sports SS18 Glider 3

Super Sports SS18 Glider 1

Super Sports SS18 Glider 2