Whiskey connoisseurs who value a wonderful experience need not only focus on products from a specific region. Of course, the snobbish ones will tell you to always go for Scotch, but this would make you miss out on a lot of the good stuff out there. Over the years, Japan is becoming the new darling among enthusiasts for its exceptional spirits. One of its renowned distillers – Suntory – is releasing a limited-edition Hibiki which they are naming Blossom Harmony.

Many are already saying that collectors are already eyeing this very special release. According to Suntory, the Blossom Harmony is ideal for gifts, but most would rather buy one for themselves. The Hibiki label remains one of the highly sought-after Japanese whiskeys and the demand for this exclusive release will likely exceed supply. Likewise, our top 16 whiskey glasses for men guide should help you pick the best one to drink it with.

To understand what makes this blend stand out, let’s look at what they did differently for the Blossom Harmony. Normally, Suntory – just like most distillers – age their whiskeys in oak casks. Although regulation maintains that it should be, this is perhaps the first Hibiki to come from sakura wood barrels. As such, notes and scents of cherry blossoms are just some of its unique characteristics.

A description from Suntory notes: “You can enjoy the mellow scent reminiscent of flowers, the round and harmonious taste, and the rich lingering harmony with refreshingness.” For folks who love their Hibiki, the Blossom Harmony is a must-buy. It comes in a box with a festive artwork that depicts cherry blossoms among other flowers. Furthermore, whiskey lovers don’t have to wait long as availability should be around May 2021.

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Images courtesy of Suntory