Earlier this week, Oceanco confirmed that Jeff Bezos’ 417-foot sailing yacht christened the Koru is now undergoing sea trials. If everything goes off without a hitch, the Amazon founder would soon enjoy everything the gargantuan ship has to offer. Meanwhile, Sunreef unveils the 100 Eco, which hints at a promising green future for luxury vessels.

It’s awesome to see most shipbuilders actively exploring eco-friendly systems to power propulsion and the hotel load. A challenge many face is the limitations of current technology, which makes it difficult to scale up from vehicles to yachts. Hence, many concepts propose the use of abundant free energy from the sun and the wind.

Sunreef previously showcased the 80 Eco – a 78.3 catamaran with a sustainable setup. The 100 Eco, meanwhile, is similar albeit larger at 100 feet long with a 42-foot beam courtesy of its twin-hull configuration. It means owners get to enjoy larger spaces outside and inside to customize as they see fit. Obviously, the mast and sail are a giveaway of what they can do.

However, it also packs two 180 kW engines that run on clean energy from sunlight. This combination allows the 100 Eco to constantly recharge its reserves via solar panels and a hydrogeneration unit. The photovoltaic cells are integrated into the composite structure. There are approximately 2,600 square feet to harvest up to 45.1 kWh from the sun.

“You don’t necessarily need to use fuel with this boat, the solar power and the wind can take you wherever you want to go,” according to Sunreef CEO and owner Francis Lapp. “When you’re under sail, there is a hydrogeneration system that recharges your power, so you’re never at a loss.” The 100 Eco is currently the largest in the Eco lineup.

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Images courtesy of Sunreef