Nothing’s better than a delicious meal to satisfy your hunger, especially one made just for you. Also, there’s nothing better than fresh and hot food to fill your empty stomach. Then during hot temperatures, a cooling refreshment does wonders too. Now you can keep food fresh and drinks cold for longer periods anytime and anywhere with the innovative SunnySide Solar-Powered Lunchbox.

This is not your traditional food container or lunchbox. It comes with smart features to ensure you devour your food to the last crumb or drink till the last drop. It features a built-in thermometer that pairs with a sensor app to let you set your preferred heating or cooling temperature. You can also choose to use the touch screen to control the temperature.

Moreover, the SunnySide Solar-Powered Lunchbox heats up food very fast. It uses electromagnetic induction heating to evenly heat food in order to maintain texture and flavor. It has an induction coil that heats your food up to 75C degrees and uses less energy so you can save on power. This way you can still reheat food up to seven times in a single charge.

As mentioned above, this ingenious container also chills food. Ice cream on the go anyone? Thick insulation, three fans, and a cooling element ensure chilled food stays chilled so you can have ice cream anywhere and anytime. That frosting on the cake will not melt too.

The SunnySide Solar-Powered Lunchbox keeps food fresh and tasty for 20 hours on a single USB-C charge of its battery. You can also harness sunlight for added power. 

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Images courtesy of SunnySide