As we discussed before, cutting-edge tech is typically cost-prohibitive at the start but eventually becomes more affordable once it is mainstream. These days, 3D printing is no longer limited to industrial and commercial applications as people turned it into a hobby. If an upgrade is due, Formlabs presents the Form 4, which they say boasts “blazing speed meets industrial production.”

If you’re new to the 3D printing scene, there are two types of machines. First is fused deposition modeling (FDM) and the other is called stereolithography (SLA). The Form 4 uses the latter technology, which is notably faster. The manufacturer claims it can complete most projects in a little over two hours.

Instead of spamming us with marketing mumbo-jumbo, Formlabs is sharing exactly why their hardware is worth your investment. When it comes to precision, “highly collimated light and 50 µm pixel size with pre-tuned anti-aliasing for subpixel resolution” allows for prints that can easily rival injection-molded parts.

The Form 4 also touts superior reliability as every unit undergoes a comprehensive 60-point calibration and quality control process before it ships out from the factory. The resin tank is rated to last more than 75,000 layers, while the light processing unit is expected to handle over 750,000 layers.

An integrated camera makes it easy to remotely observe the progress of your projects in real time. Formlabs engineered the Form 4 to handle various types of resin such as clear, white, black, gray, gray pro, high-temp, tough 1500, tough 2000, silicone 40A, rigid 10K, flame retardant, durable, ESD, and more.

Aside from the Form 4, you can also add optional equipment such as the Form Wash and Form Cure to streamline the process. For added assurance, “Formlabs optimization engineers put hundreds of printed parts to the test to ensure each material performs to the most reliable standards, right out of the box.”

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Images courtesy of Formlabs