As gamers ourselves, we can say that the advancements in accessibility options in software and hardware are remarkable. From a gaming standpoint, it allows people with disabilities to enjoy AAA titles just like everybody else. It’s a win-win for everyone as more players subsequently lead to more sales. If you are about to purchase a PlayStation 5 or already own one, the Access controller is set to drop soon.

The Japanese consumer electronics titan is currently enjoying the lion’s share of the market. Nintendo is inching closer, while Microsoft’s Xbox brand is noticeably struggling. Not one to just rest on its laurels, Sony already has a remarkable release calendar lineup just in time for the holidays.

As such, those who want a customizable controller that can adapt to their specific health condition can still preorder the Access now. It is slated to release on December 6, 2023 and carries a $89.99 MSRP. It measures 141 mm x 39 mm x 191 mm and weighs about 322 grams. The standard package already includes a sizeable collection of button caps, swappable stick caps, and button cap tags.

Sony is also partnering with Logitech for the Adaptive Gaming Kit for Access Controller add-on. If everything included in the box is not enough for your ideal setup, these optional accessories should help. It ships with 2x small buttons, 2x large buttons, x2 variable triggers, 2x light touch buttons, label sheets, hook/loop attachment stickers, hook/loop ties, and a rigid hook/loop game board.

You can plug them in any of the four 3.5 mm AUX ports on the Access controller. Sony’s latest exclusive – Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 – for the PlayStation 5 is raising the bar for its exceptionally optimized performance on the current-generation game system. In other related news, a new modular and slimmer version of the PS5 is about to launch this November.

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Images courtesy of Sony