SunDen Smart Rig & Cooler 3

Meet the life of the party. On wheels. Seriously, the SunDen Smart Rig & Cooler ($100+) has so many features packed in it – from the waterproof Bluetooth system to the Ice cream maker (!) – we dare you to find any appliance/gizmo/tool they might have missed.

Much like the Coolest Cooler – but a bit more, umm, sophisticated – this perfect summer wingman has everything you need for a successful picnic. It’s made up of 2 pieces, sold separately: a Universal Smart Rig (that can be attached to any type of cooler) and a Smart Cooler. The rig includes a heavy duty adjustable telescopic handle & parasol mast (extended reaches up to 6′), UV and rain resistant parasol (8′ x 8′) with case, a removable speaker system with LEDs that doubles as power bank, camera tripod & selfie system (a must), fishing rod holder attachment, bottle opener, aux light, luggage caddy attachment, and modular all-terrain wheels.

As for the SunDen cooler itself, it features a sturdy 2-floor polyethylene design, 60-quart capacity, two waterproof lids, divider & cutting board, removable blender & soft ice cream maker, drain plug, detachable 18V battery with waterproof USB ports (it can also jump start your car), first aid storage, speaker & subwoofer with optional karaoke system (parteee!), LED light & bottle opener, and an optional integrated air compressor for blowing up other summer-related stuff (or your car tires). We told you this thing was the complete package. via

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