This portable dish rack called the Lop Looop from Japanese designer Sugata Mono Studio is great for those with minimal space on their sink or for outdoor adventures. It collapses down to a small size for easy storage and portability, yet it’s spacious and strong enough to handle utensils, cookware, and tableware.

This dish rack boasts an accordion-like design that expands during use and shrinks down for storage. It uses a patent-pending spring system that allows it to go to its full 14″ length or shrink down to merely 1.2″. The mechanism is also very user-friendly and operates smoothly without any snag when you stretch the rack.

The Lop Looop stretches out to reveal wire rods that serve as hooks or holders for plates, cups, glasses, and more. You can utilize its entire draining space or opt to keep it compact depending on your needs. This dish rack may be very simple in its design and usability but it is very functional.

It is made for durability and reliability with the wire rods made from SUS304 stainless steel for scratch and rust resistance. The rods are sleek and simple in its design and made so in order to reduce buildup of grime, dirt, or water stains that could accumulate in nooks and crannies.  

When you’re done using it, you simply pack it down and store it in the drawer for the next use. The Lop Looop is very convenient to bring during camping or picnic adventures. Its design also makes it very easy to clean manually with soap and water or in a dishwasher. 

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Images courtesy of Sugata Mono Studio