The 226-foot Suerte luxury yacht was built at the Tankoa shipyard following an exterior design by Francesco Paszkowski. The interiors bear the signature of Margherita Casprini and represent and excellent blend of elegance and laid back luxury.

The client had a few specific requirements for the yacht, whose name is Spanish for Luck. Guest and crew separation was one of those requests, with the staff having the possibility to move around the vessel and complete their tasks without disturbing the guests.

Suerte Superyacht by Tankoa Shipyard Side View Jacuzzi Suerte Luxury Yacht by Tankoa Shipyard

One of the features that we like the most is the way its main living space is seamlessly connected to the inviting beach club, similarly to many contemporary residences whose open living rooms blend naturally into the garden and pool area. The concept brings a sense of homely relaxation to the space, which is further emphasized by features like a comfortable lounge area, a TV and a bar.

Another specific desire of the client was the use of natural materials throughout the vessel. Soft leather, untreated wood and stone elements all lend a special appeal to the interiors. The juxtaposition of textures adds extra dimension and richness for an overall plush yet cozy feel.

A series of innovative lighting uses enhance the already generous spaces, but there is one feature in the upper salon which takes light to new levels of beauty. Its skylights are not regular windows, but rather transparent openings at the bottom of a pool on the bridge deck above. This creates a fascinating play of diffuse light as the rays pass through the waving water and into the luxuriously appointed salon below.

The VIP cabins and other guest spaces are situated on the main deck, while the master suite is positioned forward on the upper deck. The owner enjoys access to a private terrace with an inviting Jacuzzi and comfortable sun pads.

Suerte Superyacht by Tankoa Shipyard Upper SalonMeeting Area Suerte Unique SuperyachtLuxury Suerte Superyacht Living Area