If you’re someone who does not want to risk losing important documents or money while out at the beach, the most you can do is leave them in a locker. Or better yet, take them with you while swimming or diving. This is possible not just with any wallet but with the Submerge Wearable Waterproof Wallet.

This everyday carry guarantees your cash, bills, or cards stay safe and dry even when you accidentally take a dip with them. That’s all thanks to its IP-X8 rated waterproof quality, meaning it is 100 waterproof, meaning you can totally submerge it underwater up to three meters. Plus, its quick-drying outer layer allows you to stash it right away after use without having to wait hours for it to dry under the sun.

The Submerge Wearable Waterproof Wallet is also durable and has a silky-smooth feel that glides through the water. It gives you two hidden pockets for storage and three sections to hold up to eight cards with an RFID blocker ready. This minimalist wallet can even hold keys and other important small items. A zipper gives you access to the contents while strong detachable velcro straps offer an additional option for carrying.

You can easily use it as a front pocket wallet as it is very compact and slim it slides in neatly. You can also use the straps to wrap the wallet around your arm, waist, clothing, and so on if you decide to bring it in the water with you. But there is also an option for a carabiner to keep the Submerge Wearable Waterproof Wallet safe from pickpockets during travel.

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Images courtesy of Ronan Finnegan