Stutterheim introduces its waterproof bag line that boasts the same minimalistic design yet extreme waterproof qualities as their raincoats. The new wet-weather bag capsule ensures your items stay neat and dry during wet seasons.

The new capsule features four new bag styles: Rain duffel, rain rolltop, rain messenger, and rain packer. Each style has its own unique levels of PVC and polyester construction. The rain duffel is perfect for the fitness buff although it can go anywhere with its 50L capacity and complete waterproof construction. It is made from 87% PVC and 13% polyester.

The rain rolltop is a 25L waterproof backpack with a secure roll-top feature for convenience in access and packing. The roll-top amps its waterproof quality and lets you pack down the bag when you have a few items inside. Take it with you on your daily commute or during travel. It boasts a sleek and elegant silhouette that looks good both with casual and formal wear.

Meanwhile, the Stutterheim rain messenger bag looks like your typical messenger bag except it is fully waterproof. It has a 10L capacity, which is more than enough storage for a shoulder bag.

Lastly, the rain packer is a 20L backpack with both polyester and PVC construction as with the rest of the bag capsules. It is completely waterproof and features a simple design good for both work and play.

The Stutterheim wet-weather bag capsule all comes in black and in a simple yet modern design. Outside of its internal space, all four designs have zippered compartments on the outside for added storage.

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Images courtesy of Stutterheim