With all the awesome cars produced in Germany, the country is a paradise for aftermarket customization outfits. We regularly have a few that fill our pages, but new faces are likewise welcome. STROSEK Autodesign may not be a fledgling in the scene, but Porsche enthusiasts are collectively praising its latest — the MEGA 30.

You can already guess that the establishment specializes in a specific marque. Classic Porsche sports cars have always been a favorite platform for restorations and modifications. As such, STROSEK Autodesign is starting off with a 1990 964 as the donor unit that’s receiving a bunch of upgrades turning it into a modern high-performance restomod.

Gearheads love it when shops pull off crazy restorations. On the other hand, we mostly prefer the addition of contemporary tweaks. The MEGA 30 embodies everything you would want from a project of its caliber. What we have here is a bespoke build with plenty of changes to rival the most refined rides in the market.

Let’s start with something fun as STROSEK Autodesign uprates the 3.6-liter flat-six to output close to 300 horsepower. The rest of the powertrain now boasts RS engine mounts, a lighter flywheel/clutch, a STROSEK exhaust system, and a new ECU. The MEGA 30 is now kitted out with a custom body kit that includes the side skirts, wings, and so much more.

Then there’s the interior which now flaunts a “Cuoio” trim with Alcantara on the dash and headliners. We also have RECARO seats and a MOMO steering wheel. Then there are carbon fiber elements, alongside STROSEK Autodesign carpets, gear lever, and pedals match the motif. They’re building only 30 MEGA 30 examples and most a probably already spoken for.

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Images courtesy of STROSEK Autodesign