Due to the popularity of cycling, those with electric assistance are becoming even more accessible than before. Leading brands are either simply taking existing models and retrofitting them with electric motors and more. Others like the STREEK, meanwhile, are unique platforms that serve a specific purpose aside from urban mobility, recreation, or sport.

Firstly, Stroke Design goes for a three-wheel configuration that offers a larger space for cargo. Instead of a traditional bicycle frame, wherein the rider is positioned in between the front and rear wheels, the seat is located toward the back. Overall, the STREEK looks sleek and modern.

The forward section features a modular system that can hold various types of items. This setup gives the STREEK a low center of gravity, which allows for exceptional stability. Furthermore, its physical footprint at 75” x 24” is more compact that your average cargo bike.

Its two forward wheels measure 18 inches each, while the rear is at 20 inches. Just like other e-bikes, you exert lesser effort when pedaling courtesy of the 250W electric motor assist for all three wheels. It ships with a 364 Wh battery unit.

Mounting points on the frame let you attach racks to securely hold your bags, packages, and more. A fully independent suspension system on the front wheels keeps your ride smooth even on bumpy surfaces. This likewise helps provide smooth cornering characteristics.

All of its wheels are equipped with heavy-duty disc brakes so you can safely stop even with heavy cargo on board. Stroke Design, says it is still currently developing even more optional accessories for the STREEK.

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Images courtesy of Stroke Design