Carry your drinks in style and discreetly with the StowCo Small Portable Cooler Bag. It resembles a briefcase or laptop case on the outside but inside it can hold your beverages and keep them cold for hours.

This compact and handy bag keeps the cold in for an amazing five hours. It does not need ice or an ice sheet. In fact, ice is not recommended at all. Instead, it uses closed-cell foam insulation engineered to keep the interior cold. The airtight insulated zipper further helps with the chilling process.

Best of all, the StowCo Small Portable Cooler Bag boasts a sturdy frame to ensure bottles and cans remain protected from hard impact. This means no broken glass or crushed cans. The semi-hard shell also protects the contents from the heat of the sun so your drinks stay cold or chilled even after five hours.

This no-ice cooler is lightweight at 1.65 pounds so it can accommodate all your heavy bottles and cans. It can store three wine bottles, six 12 oz. beer bottles, seven 16oz pint cans, and ten 12oz beer cans. Champagne bottles, fifths of liquor in square bottles, 22oz beer bombers, and other regular bottles with a max width of 4 inches will fit inside. This means you can mix and match beverages depending on the need and mood.

The StowCo Small Portable Cooler Bag is not just for drinks. You can store food or cold cuts which makes it handy for picnics, camping, or beach trips where grilling is involved.

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Images courtesy of StowCo