Stone Island is never one to back down when it comes to pushing the envelope in fabric research. For the sixth installment of its Prototype Research Series, thus called Prototype Research_Series 06, the label transformed Kevlar into a stunning piece of outerwear. 

The Italian label designed a fishtail parka that can withstand extreme indoor and outdoor conditions using strong Kevlar. Unveiled at Milan Design Week, Stone Island partnered with the Kevlar consumer brand R&D team to craft a limited 100-piece series of jackets. These jackets utilize the high strength, toughness, and thermal stability of Kevlar.

The team used “stretch broken” technology, combined with high-precision Kevlar filament, to create an extraordinarily fine yarn, which allows it to be covered in cotton. However, the Prototype Research_Series 06 jackets do not come in inherent black color but in yellow. Instead, SI used a dévoré printing technique to disintegrate the cotton yarn and create a pattern that exposes the characteristically yellow Kevlar core.

The unveiled yarns produce a sort of light technical lace. Meanwhile, a resin treatment adds texture to the lightweight, yet strong fabric. The outcome is a jacket that sports a fine, gritty texture but can surely protect its user from extreme weather conditions. 

The Stone Island Prototype Research_Series 06 jacket looks otherworldly if we must say so. But in a good way. It comes with two front pockets, a zipper closure that reaches up to the neck, and a hood. A white badge for Stone Island Textile Research garments is visible on the left sleeve. 

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Images courtesy of Stone Island